Where’s Your Heisman Now?

November 2, 2007

Heisman Winner:

Denis Dixon, Oregon: Dude beat the Trojans. If he and the Ducks do it again this week versus the Sun Devils send Denis the trophy. It’s over.

Eh, Maybes:

Mike Hart, Michigan: Weeeeeeeeeeee the Wolverines beat the Gophers. They beat them without Mike Hart. I’m pretty sure 80% of D1A teams could beat Minnesota playing them 10 on 11.

Matt Ryan, Boston College: Probably belongs in the not happening group. But but but that awesome comeback in the last 4 minutes!!!!!! Yeah, it was awesome when Matt admitted after the game the Hokie defense had gotten tired. Plus whether he admits it or not Bud Foster went prevent and got burned. What the hell are you doing covering a running back with a defensive end at that point in the game? Let’s also not forget in the first half BC had a 4th and 15 inside the Hokie 25. Ryan got chased out of the pocket. What did he do? Try and force a pass somewhere SINCE IT WAS FOURTH DOWN? Nope. Threw the ball away out of bounds. Not the move of the best player in college football.


Andre Woodson, Kentucky: Losing at home to Mississippi State? Losing at home to Mississippi State by 17? Your chances are gone.

Nope, not happening:

Pat White, Steve Slaton, West Virginia: If it was one of you getting the focus you might still be in the race, but since you’re sharing a dim spot light yer outta here.

Tim Tebow, Florida: If there was ever a ball hog in football Tim is it. The Gators have lost 3 of 4, Tebow is hurting and still had the most rushing attempts last week.

Ray Rice, Rutgers: Strike 1 – Rutgers, Strike 2 – Big East, Strike 3 – losing, Kevin Smith from Central Florida is a better choice than Rice, but ain’t nobody from the C-USA gonna win the Heisman.

Derrick McFadden, Arkansas: What big game did you have this year?

Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech: He’s a freshman

Never should have been considered:

Colt Brennan, Hawaii, and Graham Harrell, Texas Tech: Seriously, Texas Tech never ever ever ever never ever shows for any game where if they actually won it might give them the appearance they are a quality team. Colt and Graham run up huge numbers in megapass oriented offenses.