Man alive nothing says you need to hit the bricks more than being the head coach of a BCS Conference school with a prime time home game where the empty seats on 50 yard out number the filled ones. Both of Jimmy Johnson’s former ├╝bercoordinators will be lucky to be employed after Thanksgiving. The only thing that could save Norv Turner is some guy nicknamed LT. In Wannstedt’s case he’s proven nothing over two and half years. Five straight losses to end last season, a 2 – 4 start this season with games against Cincinnati, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida and West Virginia to go. At this point in your Panther history (two six loss seasons) you’ve only managed to show a feeble fading pulse against Rutgers and South Florida. This was a bad hire in the first place. Dave was not a good head coach in the NFL and has shown no signs of moving Pittsburgh in a positive direction. Even in an extremely top heavy conference.

This weekend’s picks…

USC -21: Think they might be a bit embarrassed after last week? Arizona could not have come to town at a better time for the Trojans.

UVA -3: The Cavs are a solid team at home. UConn ain’t so bad their ownself, but they haven’t stepped up to winning these types of games yet.

CAL -13.5: If they’re going to keep that #2 spot in the polls they need to roll big time on everybody left on their schedule given Ohio State’s emergence.

STANFORD +5.5: TCU packed it in for the season when they lost the game and their BCS Bowl dream to Texas a month ago.

OREGON -17: These guys are not out of the PAC-10 picture yet. They need to play that way.

tennessee -7: Looks like they got a wake up call against Florida.


CLEVELAND -4.5: Miami was terrrrrrible with Trent Green. Not that he’s exactly anything special, well maybe special ed, these days.


wvu -6.5 over USF: USF is the feel good story of the season so far. How-eh-vuh, WVU has White, Slaton (both a year more experienced) and the midget missle Noel Devine loaded and ready for action. It’s a revenge game for the ‘eers and they don’t have any big game distractions coming up for at least three weeks. Take the ‘eers, the points and the over.

alabama +1.5 over FSU: Papa Bowden’s boys have shown, zip, nada and nothing so far this year. Let alone many recent years. Coach Saban seems to have the Tide rolling in the right direction. ‘bama wins this one straight up.

UVA -6 over pitt: Al Groh manages another job saving win. This time over an opponent that for no apparent reason people seem to rate as a decent team. UVA plays very well at home. Pitt is looking to start a true freshman QB. UVA is the easy cover in this one.

lsu -41 over TULANE: Yeah, I’m taking a team to cover 41 points. At this point I think you could swap out LSU and the New Orleans Saints and possibly improve an NFL team. The Tigers have to keep blasting opponents out of the water to keep Oklahoma at bay in the polls. The only way LSU doesn’t cover is if they call off the dogs early to relax and go prepare for the Gators next week.

louisville -8.5 over NC STATE: So, coach O’Brien, you still sure about wanting to move south? Your old BC squad looks like the ACC lock for a BCS bid while your team could easily wrestle away the ACC doormat from Duke. If Louisville doesn’t come into this game pissed off, angry and ready to stomp bunnies their season is over. OVER. UofL wins my a lot more than 8.5.

KENTUCKY -22.5 over fla atlantic: Again, like the LSU game, the only way UK doesn’t cover this game by a lot is if they call off the dogs too early. With South Carolina, LSU and Florida coming up the next three weeks for the Wildcats that is a possibility. That said, you still take UK with the points.

ohio state -23.5 over MINNESOTA: Quietly lurking in the background is an Ohio State team that has been crushing opponents on offense and defense. The Gophers only to chance to beat anyone this season is to outscore them Texas Tech style. That ain’t happening against the Buckeyes. OSU takes this one.

nyj -3.5 over BUFFALO: What some NFL style? This one is by far the lock of the week. Buffalo has lost more players for the year in three weeks than a typical Iraqi IED takes out at the local food zoom.